Pjur Back Door Water Based 100ml

Pjur Back Door Water Based 100ml

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Pour Homme
Parfait Pour Les Jouets
Acide Hyaluronique

Water-based personal lubricant for intensive anal sex that can be used with all toys and specially made for MEN. The higher concentration of Hyaluronan provides more moisture and exceptional lubrication.

A water-based personal lubricant that resembles silicone, has a very long-lasting lubricating effect while providing all the benefits of water. This is all due to Hyaluronan, a unique ingredient capable of binding large amounts of water. It creates small cushions of water which considerably enhance the lubricating effect of the product. Thanks to its high concentration, for exceptional sliding is the ideal choice for intensive anal sex. It can also be used with all erotic toys.

Simply apply the amount of personal lubricant you need to the corresponding part of your intimate area. Suitable for daily use. Compatible with latex condoms. Our water-based personal lubricants are almost completely absorbed into the surface layer of the skin. If you apply too much, simply wash it off with lukewarm water.

*** Special water formula for MEN for intensive anal sex
*** Extraordinary glide thanks to Hyaluronan
*** For use with all sex toys

INGREDIENTS: Aqua, Glycerin, Xanthan Gum, Sodium Hyaluronate, Benzyl Alcohol, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid.

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