"The Exciting Evolution of Boutique Toi et Moi.

The iconic erotic establishment in the Outaouais Region, nestled at 392 Notre-Dame Street in Gatineau, is a story that spans over 40 years, marked by an intimate and warm experience, tinged with renown. In November 2021, the arrival of Todd and Natalie breathed new life into Boutique Toi et Moi, ushering in a new era!

The commitment to personalized and stellar service remains unwavering. We believe in the diversity and sexual fulfillment of everyone. This conviction guides our daily lives and is reflected in every detail of our Shop.

The unforgettable journey of Todd and Natalie at Boutique Toi et Moi began unexpectedly, driven by Todd's insistence on inviting Natalie to explore the small boutique nestled on Notre-Dame Street. "You should go," he suggested with enthusiasm, anticipating an opportunity as special as it was surprising. It is fascinating to note that, until that moment (at the age of 50), Natalie had never stepped into a boutique of this nature.

When Natalie first pushed open the door to this erotic universe, it was a completely new experience for her. A bold exploration into a realm she had never dared to discover before. It was at this moment that her intuition, guided by a unique vision, seized the opportunity to transform this space into a haven where self-love could flourish safely.

The idea of infusing a more feminine energy and encouraging the development of fulfilled sexuality for women deeply inspired Natalie. She shared her vision with Todd, and the story goes that the boutique was not for sale, but Natalie's intuition proved right. With her husband, they became the new custodians of this 45-year-old institution. A couple united for 36 years, parents of two young adults, their surprising choice to acquire an erotic boutique was a source of astonishment for family and friends. However, Natalie's palpable love for the boutique resonates with all customers, creating a loyal clientele that exceeds expectations and shatters stigmas associated with traditional erotic shops.

Natalie, a therapist in relationship counseling, brings her passion to help, listen to needs, and provide a safe space to every interaction. Thanks to his expertise as a renovation entrepreneur, Todd revived the boutique's image and gave it a second life.

Our boutique shines with a sumptuous selection of adult toys, including stimulators and vibrators designed for both men and women. Immerse yourself in the sensual world of massage oils, lubricants, and stimulants that will awaken your senses and transcend intimacy. Explore our collection of captivating DVDs and get carried away by exquisite erotic games.

Discover pure elegance with our exceptional lingerie and refined bustiers, designed to enhance every silhouette. Our fitting room guarantees our customers an incomparable visual and tactile experience, triggering a guaranteed "wow."

Every product we select embodies quality and durability, reflecting our commitment to wise and refined consumption. Dive into an experience where eroticism harmoniously blends with refinement, elevating your intimacy to unparalleled heights.

Our goal remains crystal clear: to offer everyone the opportunity to live a fulfilling sexuality imbued with respect and intimacy."