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J-Pop S/M Pink - G-Spot Lollipop

J-Pop S/M Pink - G-Spot Lollipop

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The J Pop is hook-shaped, reminiscent of the letter “J”. It comes in two sizes, each with two different sized balls. This pop is meant for solo use, though it can be used with a partner as well. Because of the design, this toy is lighter and less wieldy than other similar g-spot toys, which gives you all the time in the world to experiment. To begin, insert the smaller ball by pressing gently, while you twist the toy. Use the larger ball to angle the J Pop toward your front vaginal wall. Turn and rock the pop until you find your g-spot. Then experiment with the angle, types of stimulation, and amount of pressure until you find the best technique for you. You'll achieve g-spot orgasm in no time.


• masturbation

• locating your g-spot

• exercising your kegels

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