Cyberskin 2" Xtra thick Transformer Extension

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Durux gives you vitality and security. Fully compatible for the skin, without phthalate, very extensible, and at the same time firm enough to push and hold your package up and in place.

Durux is the orthosis of pleasure, the one you don’t really need, but when you use it, the erection is stronger and the ejaculation will be delayed. Durux allows you to have intercourse with an erection or half-erection. So imagine with an erection, it’s sure to make you last longer thanks to the testicle ring!

Durux, is the lever that holds your testicles and lifts your penis to give you a feeling of well-being, youth and total ecstasy.Durux has a rigid body and is flexible at the same time, it will improve the appearance for a larger, stronger and harder erections, keeps your penis up and ready and makes your manhood stand out. It’s like a corset, but for men.

Durux is placed around your penis and around the testicles, it’s basically like an extra hand that holds safely your penis in place with skill. Durux is made for men who want more out of what they really are.


• Pleasure
• Erection Orthosis
• Comfort
• Vitality
• Security
• Control
• For a better you!

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