bimbo butt
bimbo butt
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bimbo butt
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mens masturbator

Bimbo Butt

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 Even married, even if you have a partner, you surely dreamed without cheating your partner of course, having the most exciting affair with the most beautiful asses, dream asses, real hot asses...! Here is Bimbo Butt and as they say ‘’it’s a nasty firecracker". Ready to use immediately after coming out of its box, Bimbo Butt knows how to be taken by the front, by the back, to be stirred, in short your penetrations can be as deep as you want and as furious as you can.

Bimbo Butt is a Massive Masturbator, it’s very big and the most realistic you've ever seen, with more than 20lbs (9kg) well full of FleshClone. FleshClone is this realistic synthetic skin which envelops and massages your penis and finally gives you the chance to penetrate your penis with force and without restraint. Bimbo Butt takes any penis size and the FleshClone texture with a little bit of lubricant really makes you feel like you're in a relationship with a human being. We can say it between men...we would like to make a passionate strong penetration sometimes, but we can't really do it with a partner, it could be interpreted as disrespectful, so that’s when Bimbo Butt comes to the rescue; no embarrassment, nor insult, go for it.

Bimbo Butt even gives you the chance to shake her up, when you give her a slap, her buttocks bounce like real ones, thanks to the FleshClone who’s imitating so well human skin. Spread her rump a bit and lose yourself in her vagina or increase the fantasy in her anus. Come in her body without fear of pregnancy. Finally, let off steam completely, dare to do what you wouldn't dare to do in real life...and safely, Bimbo Butt's asses are healthy.

When you groom Bimbo Butt, it only needs a jet of water in his orifices and that's it. Despite its imposing size of 38'' inches in circumference (97cm) which is big, Bimbo Butt can easily be stored in your closet. Bimbo Butt comes to you in a hygienic and resistant packaging. Bimbo Butt the Massive Masturbator is solidly built and will give you years of pleasure.

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