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HEAT-A NATURAL APHRODISIAK - Is sex more intense in summer?

Sex - more intense in summer?

We tend to feel naturally sexier in clothes that reveal our skin. Wearing fewer layers reminds us how good it feels to touch and be touched.

Studies also prove that brightness has a direct link with our mood. We can all agree, we're happier in summer! With the sun shining longer during the summer months, light causes the brain to produce more serotonin (a mood-regulating neurotransmitter). The higher the serotonin, the better and more positive we feel! And it's no surprise that this energy boost boosts our self-esteem and allows us to be a little more daring when it comes to seduction! We're a long way from the seasonal depression of winter, and that's good!

Brain enhancement helps us feel less stressed overall, and when we feel less stressed we often become more interested in play and passion, making sex more intense too.

Don't forget that your LOVE Shop has everything you need to accompany you gently or intensely in your lovemaking this summer.

Either way, the heat alone is a natural aphrodisiac! Longer days and the vacation season also mean we're less tired. These are just some of the reasons why our libido increases during the summer.

However, if you're a little less tolerant of amorous debates in the sweats of hot, humid evenings, try having sex in the morning when the temperature is in your favor instead. It's also said that male testosterone levels tend to drop when the temperature is very hot. Be early and enjoy the morning testosterone.

When the sun is out, we're more tempted to engage in physical activity and outdoor pursuits that increase our body awareness, not to mention improve blood circulation, essential for optimal sexual health. We often eat lighter and fresher, which benefits our overall health and self-image. We also tend to socialize more, as the days seem endless when we raise a glass or two ; ) All this ends up making people a little more excited than in winter. It's even said that summer is the best-selling season for sex toys! We dare a little more, we're in the spirit of play and discovery ... we feel freer ... life is beautiful what?!

However, if you're looking for True Love, you may not find it in summer, as researchers have found that summer romances are more likely to be of the "fling" variety, while those involved during the winter are more likely to be long-lasting. If you're single, maybe don't have too many expectations and just have fun this summer!!!


Take advantage of summer's energy to explore and dare! Your LOVE Shop is your indispensable ally, whether you're going solo or with a partner!

Have a great summer! Be free-spirited but careful, and we'll see you here at the beginning of next month,

Your Love Coach, Natalie

  • METC® Certified Helping Relationship Professional
  • Speaker - Self-love, wounds and femininity components
  • Certified massage therapist, hydrotherapist
  • Dedicated co-owner of Boutique Toi et Moi since November 2021

Natalie, LOVE Coach

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